What You Need To Do Before Ordering A Customized Bed

Customizing your bed maybe the best thing you can do to add curb appeal to your bedroom. But before you go down and have it made, you need to do these things first to ensure that you are getting the bed of your dreams without further hassles.

  1. Think of your room’s design

Your room’s design plays a big part on how will your custom headboards dubai will look like, so before you get in contact with a bed store or provider, analyze your room design and imagine how your bed will look like. Try to make a sketch out of it. If you are not confident with your drawing skills, you can search for pegs and references on the internet. Try to pick at least three references so you can have options to choose from. You can also do combo designs from the references you gathered. Just be sure to give specific instructions and details to your bed contractor so they can accurately do what you want to.

  1. Find a trusted bed maker

To turn your vision into reality, you need to find a bed maker who can build it for you. There are go-to bed stores that offers customized bed solutions or you can find a sole builder that can get the job done. The one that would make the bed frame should be able have experienced creating bed frames and can get instructions accurately. Their craftsmanship should be above average and also should be keen on details.

  1. Measure the space and the bed space accurately

The right measurement is important when having your bed customized. It would be best if you can invite the bed maker to your home to check and get accurate measurement. If this is not possible, have someone with measurement experience do the job. If you are not confident on doing this task, it would be best to hand it over to someone with experience to avoid measurement mistakes.

  1. Ask for the timeline and pricing

Making a customized bed can take time so manage your expectations. But if you have timeline to beat, you need to tell your bed contractor if this is feasible. If not, agreed on a time schedule that would fulfill your request but not compromise the quality. With regards to the pricing, you need to ask for a breakdown and terms of payment.

  1. Include the mattress and the linens in your plans

The bed frame is just the start, you need also to take in consideration the mattress, sheets and linens. Once you have the bed frame and headboard design, you can start looking for appropriate mattress and linens that can go with it. Take a look at the best bedroom furniture in Dubai-based for your mattress and linen needs. Give them the specs of your bed and your other requirements and they can help you find the right bedding essentials. Buy at least three pairs of linens since you will be replacing them every now and then.

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