Simple Guide To Starting An Event Organizing Company

The industry of events planning and styling is very lucrative. With establishments and individuals wanting to make their events an affair to remember, there will always be a need for companies who can help them achieve such feat.

But starting an event organizing company is easier said than done. You will be needing all the help you can get to provide excellent service and satisfy the discerning taste of every client that you will be dealing with. If you are planning on venturing into this kind of business, here is a list of simple pointers to help you:

  • Identify your strength as an organizer


Every event organizer has their own strategy for mounting events. Some organizers are good in leading the team and some are good with the creative side of the business. Before you get started with building your company, you need to know what kind of event organizer you are. Identifying your strengths as an event planner would give you an idea where to focus your business and it will also help you determine what talents you will be needing in order to complete your team.


  • Get a competent team


Speaking of the team, an event organizer needs to have a capable crew that will help him/her mount an event. A one-man events team is possible but it will be more difficult for this person to organize an event just by himself/herself. Having a competent team will make things easier. Identify first what kind of talents you need in your team based on the event planning services that you are planning to offer. It would be best if you can find people who have previous experience in event management like scouting for suppliers of cocktail table for rent and other event organizing needs.

  • Connect with reputable suppliers


A starting events company is usually composed of a very lean team. What these startups do is outsource some of the services to a third party supplier. This would prevent the event company owners from hiring more people than they intend to and still offer all-inclusive event managing packages to clients despite the shortage of resources. Be sure to list the products and services you need to outsource – from lights and sounds service to bench rental.


  • Learn to market your craft


Experienced event organizers have gone through a great deal of work and hardships to introduce their services to prospective clients. Back in the day, it was purely traditional marketing and word of mouth. But for today’s generation of event planners, it is easier to introduce their business to clients as they can use several marketing tools such as social media platforms. The challenge is how they will be able to differentiate themselves from other event planning companies. Be sure to highlight your services.




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