How to tint car at home?

Tinting a car is defined as the process to put the film of slight blackish material on the windows of the car to keep them safe from shattering and scratches, and preventing the dashboard and other parts of the car from fading. 

Currently, there are many companies that offer the services of tinting a vehicle but each company has its own price. Some are affordable but some are expensive. Affordable services provide not-so-good tinting service while expensive one provides too-good tinting service that can keep your car away from scratches and shattering as well. That’s the reason why many of the people prefer to do it by themselves. 

Do you know how to stick a film of black material on windows? No? Then don’t worry,  just click below to find more info

First of all buy a material which is allowed in your country. Majority of the countries do not allow tinting a car by cent percent because it will darken the windows completely and may cause more accidents. Therefore, many of them have laws to tint a car by the roll which is 3m thick. That’s the reason why you have found the board of 3m car tint Dubai in different areas of UAE! 

After buying a material, put it in safe place and begin the process in dry and clean place otherwise dust will also stick with the film on windows and it will make the car to look terrible. 

Make soapy water of a gallon. Pour it in spray bottle and spray number of time on windows. 

After that, cut the material larger then window for each of them.  Put it on the window in such a way that its sticky site will be facing you. Stick the paper by soapy water. 

When it is stuck, cut the extra parts with razor or knife. Use scale like tools which are not sharp to bring out bubbles and air from the film. 

When they are out, pull of the thin paper which is on its sticky side. Spray a lot of soapy water to find its corner. When the corner is found, pull it off from window and stick on same window from opposite side, that is from inside the car after wetting the glass. 

This process can take more than fours to complete. If you want to complete within four hours , then buy pre-cut tint-kit, it will help you a lot.

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