Creating High-Impact Banners for Your Booth

Creativity is important on business irrespective of whether you are running a brick-and-mortar store or an online establishment. Having a clear and crisp graphics would surely endear users and visitors to check out what the product or service.


In a trade show, the importance of graphics are magnified since people are actually on-site visiting your booth, so it is a must that your banner graphics are well-designed and printed to convey the right message to relay to your target audience that are present. So if you are creating the graphic banners of your booth, remember these things in mind.


  1. Keep in mind your target audience


One of the reasons why most banners don’t work is because we forgot its intended audience. As far as the design is concerned, the artist should always keep in mind what would captivate the target audience. Each element should related what the audience would like to see or read. Think of yourself as the audience and pinpoint what would you like to see on the banner.


  1. Less clutter is more


Maximalist design can be effective, but that would depend on your exhibition goals. As much as possible, you would like to get the message across. Adding too many elements might overpower the message or the intentions. A lot of exhibition stand design Dubai contractors would agree that less is always more, as cliché as it sounds.


  1. Mind your texts and fonts


The font and the text plays big role on your banner design. In fact, it can make or break the whole design concept. Be sure to limit the copy and select the best font for the design and the brand. Using too many fonts might clutter the look of the banner. Also, mind your usage of upper and lower cases. This kind of mistake will make the banner look unprofessional and amateur, unless the brand call for it.


  1. Clear and hi-res images


It is imperative for designers to use high resolution photos for every design work they are assigned to. Using low-res image will ruin the design. Exhibition stand builder in dubai experts always ask for high resolution and raw materials to ensure the quality of the banners they use on exhibitions and booth designs.


  1. Mind the white space


White or negative space is important to let the design breath. Having a generous white space on the design will make it look pleasant and easy on the eyes. It can also help determine the focal point of the design.