A Tribute to
James William Kerr
1922 - 2006
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Photo from the cockpit by Jim Kerr

Top Row: Lt Wm A. Shaughnessey (
bombardier), Lt. Jim Kerr (pilot), Lt. George Lee (Co-Pilot)
Bottom Row: T/Sgt. Louis "Pat" Patras (radio operator), S/Sgt. Louis Cubba
(tail gunner), S/Sgt. Paul Crawford (flight engineer)

September 22, 1944
B-26 Transistion Crew at Avon Park, Florida (L to R)
Sgt. Robert O Moody - Radio Operator
Lt. Wilson M. Swan - Co Pilot
1st Lt. Jim Kerr - Pilot
Lt. Johnny R.Woodfin - Bombardier
Staff Sgt. Wayne F. Worth - Engineer
Pvt.. Fiigen - Tail Gunner


Arlie Moriarty, Wayne Worth, "Mac" McGonigle (sp), Buck Kelly, Jim Kerr

another successful landing

Enlistment Card - Flight Training Log Book - Dischage Card - A Lady's Man

December 9, 1944


Proud Parents

The Whole Family Back Together Again
Sister Helen, Son Jim, Father John, Sister Caroline, Mother Bergetta, Sister Bergetta