The Greatest Barbershop Album COVERS Of All Time
For the sake of history and bragging rights a poll was taken among a wide cross section of close harmony fanatics to
nominate and judge the best of the best.  These covers were chosen based on the artwork alone.
The songs & quality of the music on these Albums and CDs were NOT considered although it was hard to
separate emotional ties to the groups, songs and fond memories on each.  Here's the list of those considered.

The Final Results Appear Below.


A Album As Did By the OK4

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Barbershop Ballads
The Sportsmen Quartet

Barber Shop! Buffalo Bills w/ Banjo - Buffalo Bills

Barbershop in Hi-Fi
The Playtonics

Basin Street Blues

Choice II
Dealer’s Choice
Clowning Around
The New Tradition
Collective Works
Boston Common
Face the Music
Gas House Gang

For The Children
Max Q
Four Brothers
Gentlemen Prefer Barbershop
Gentlemen's Agreement
Jazz, Jazz, Jazz
Many Happy Returns
Boston Common
Merry Christmas - Barbershop Style - Evans Quartet
Oh How We Roared In The 20's
Golden Staters
Paper or Plastic
State Line Grocery
Second Edition1
Second Edition
Sgt Pepler’s Homely Tarts Pub Band - The New Tradition
Solid Gold
Chiefs of Staff
Songs Like Daddy Used To Play
Dealer’s Choice
Songs We Almost Learned
Stars & Stripes
Standing Room Only
139th Street Quartet
Strictly Swinging
Rumors Are Flying
That Old Quartet Of Mine
Boston Common
The Classic Collection
Classic Collection
The Fredinci Code
The Gas House Gang’s 5th
Gas House Gang
The Innsiders On Top Of The World

Where Is Love

New Tradition
Freedom's Song
Vocal Majority
OK City Chorus
Here's To The Winners
Vocal Majority
Love Songs By Request
Vocal Majority

Mission Accomplished

Puttin’ On The Ritz
Texas Millionaires

Solid Gold

Tuesday Night Live!
Greater Nassau

Special Category

Barbershop Days
National Geographic Society.

The Flintstones in S.A.S.F.A.T.P.O.G.O.

The Results Are In !!
After votes from members of the Harmonet, Sweet Adeline SING list and other qualified parties,
these are the final results of this unscientific, non binding but interesting poll.

The Official Results
Top 10 Barbershop Album Covers of All Time

First Place - The Classic Collection - Classic Collection
Second Place - Ain’t Misbehavin’ - Ambiance
Third Place - Rumors Flying - Rumors
Fourth Place - Barbershop featuring the Buffalo Bills with Banjo - Buffalo Bills
Fifth Place - For The Children - Max Q
Sixth Place - Sgt Pepler’s Homely Tarts Pub Band - The New Tradition
Seventh Place - The Gas House Gang’s 5th - Gas House Gang
Eighth Place - A Album As Did By the OK4 - OK4
Ninth Place - Stars & Stripes -Acoustix
Tenth Place - The Fredinci Code - FRED

Many Thanks To ALL who participated
Grady Kerr - Historian