Grady William Kerr
9498 East Valley Ranch Pkwy #1107
Irving, Texas 75063

21457GKERR (214.574.5377)

Computer Tech Support / Customer Service
CDI/CSC - TelVista - Stream International - CompuCom
Provided front line technical support by phone for several contracts including hardware and software on
HP/Compaq/Dell systems, Lexmark, IBM, Toshiba printers, Win3.1 thru WinXP - troubleshooting including
software install and maintenance including Norton’s and McAfee’s AV, Roxio. Skilled in handling irate customers.

Web Page Design
Designed and Maintain 10 websites – Front Page/DreamWeaver/Netscape Composer – Multilevel – HTML –
Graphics – PaintShop Pro – MP3s - Music Match/Cakewalk.

Editing - Proofreading - Reporting - Writing for newsletters, web pages, manuals, news releases, communiqué –
ex: The SWD Roundup (11 years), The Medallion (2 years), a 450-page history book (Golden Memories),
newsletters (The Voice - award winner).

Maintain and promote historical archives - Responsible for displays and article/research - Public Speaking - Teaching

TV Producer/Director
KMCC-TV Lubbock / KCTV-TV San Angelo -
Responsible for creating on-air commercials / promos. 
Included working with cameras,films, video tape, audio, and lighting. Also directing live shows/News and switching
commercial breaks.

Photographic Lab Technician/35mm Technician
Color Place/Slide Maker Inc. - Responsible for Processing and Developing Color/Black & White -
Prints & 35mm slides including Special Effects and AV Presentations.  

Front-line Admin Asst./Data Entry Specialist
TWCC/GE Capital - Dallas - Responsible for preparing incoming documents for payment processing
as well as 10-key and data entry work.  Trouble shooting problem credit accounts was also involved.

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