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My Credits

32-Year Member B
arbershop Harmony Society
Editor - The Medallion (AIC) 2nd year
Host / Writer - Great Quartets Radio Show
SWD Historian (18th Year)
Proud Member San Angelo, Texas Chapter
Member Emeritus - Dallas Metro Vocal Majority

Member AHSOW (Woodshedders) since 1998 (4 pts)
Webmaster - Multiple Sites

Has Been
3-Time Gold Medalist Vocal Majority  79-82-85
SWD Vice President - Marketing & PR 2002-2004
President, PROBE 2000-2002

Former Editor SWD Roundup publication (11 Years)
Forner Acoustix World-Wide Distribution Manager

SWD Bulletin Editor of the Year 1977

Barbershopper of the Year 1977 - Lubbock
SWD Bulletin Editor of the Year 1978

Barbershopper of the Year 1982 - Dallas Metro
SW District Barbershopper of the Year 1984
SWD Bulletin Editor of the Year 1990
SWD Bulletin Editor of the Year 1991

Barbershopper of the Year 1992 - Dallas Town North
SPEBSQSA Editor Of The Year 1993 - "The Voice"

SW District Hall Of Fame - Class of 1995
SWD Award Of Excellence 2000

Member PROBE Hall Of Honor - Class of 2002

Lead - Public Domain  quartet 1992-1993

Tenor  - The Boys Next Door - Div 4 Champs 2000

Writer / Producer
Golden Memories - History of SWD - pub 1996

CHAMPIONS! - 50 years of SWD Quartet Winners Double CD - released 1999

Producer 2004 SWD Data CD -400 Megs of info

                          (info updated  September 2005)

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